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Commerce Cloud Digital. Inspire the connected customer with seamless shopping experiences across all digital commerce channels: web, mobile, social, and more.

Connect with the modern shopper anytime, anywhere! By combining the flexibility of the cloud with a rich set of advanced capabilities, Commerce Cloud Digital gives you the power to deliver unique online shopping experiences that exceed customer expectations and crush sales targets—and all in record time.

Deliver strategic, personalized shopping experiences at every touchpoint, on any device. Roll out continuous innovations without delays, dependencies, or disruptions

Launch new sites in weeks and new promotions in minutes. Offload IT operations to a unified cloud that is robust, stable, and scalable
Unify digital commerce with store operations, POS, order management, and more.

Maximize productivity with centralized site management and automated tasks.

Commerce Cloud Digital Key Features:

- Create unique ecommerce experiences right out of the box.

- Modern Reference Storefront Application: Build and launch sites quickly and easily with a feature-rich storefront, a native responsive design, and multilingual, multicurrency logic.

- Cart and Checkout: Maximize conversions across devices with saved carts, optimized user flows, and Apple Pay for the web.

- Full Customization: Deploy custom business logic across any channel with an extensive library of prebuilt, certified integrations.

- Merchandising and Marketing. Create limitless opportunities for personalized consumer engagement and digital commerce growth.

- Campaigns and Promotions: Quickly launch campaigns, promotions, and A/B tests without technical support.

- Personalized Content: Commerce Cloud Einstein uses machine learning to deliver personalized emails, offers, and product recommendations throughout customer journeys.

- Intelligent Merchandising: Define dynamic customer segments and use Active Merchandising™ to determine which products to offer for maximum impact.

- Product, Pricing, and Catalog Management: Sync products and pricing across categories, catalogs, currencies, and sites.

- Site Search and Guided Navigation: Connect customers to products and optimize conversions with merchant rules that adjust for search intent and product profitability.

- Digital Experience Management. Create highly innovative and relevant brand experiences.

- Content Management and Responsive Design: Drive centralized content publishing and rich, engaging experiences across brands, geographies, sites, and devices.

- Native Targeting and A/B Testing: Deliver relevant offers to specific segments via native targeting and testing capabilities based on customer behavior, traffic channel, and location.

- Search Engine Optimization: Optimize sites, products, categories, metadata, URLs, and images for maximum visibility.

- Multisite Management and Localization. Launch new sites and explore new regions quickly and easily.

- Global Commerce: Enter new international markets in record time, with minimized risk, cost, and technical complexity. Scale ecommerce worldwide with a secure, borderless infrastructure.

- Manage All Sites, Currencies, and Languages: Manage all sites from a single, central framework. Each site can be customized to account for customs, cultures, currencies, and languages.

- Global Content: Target content, offers, and relevant products by language, country, state, region, or city.

- Localized Reference Storefront and User Interface: Empower regional teams with a global reference storefront available in English, Chinese, Japanese, French, and Italian.

- Expansion into China: Conquer the world’s largest shopper market with China-ready capabilities, including a localized user interface and an ecosystem of local technology, operations, partners, and expertise.

- Digital Commerce Extensions. Extend commerce to an unlimited number of new channels, including social networks and branded mobile apps.

- Custom Mobile Application: Build mobile commerce apps using scalable APIs, a full development cloud, and certified LINK technology partners.

- In-Store Integration: Extend digital shopping into the physical store and prevent lost sales with endless aisle and powerful clienteling capabilities.

- Social Extensions: Extend commerce into emerging social channels and online communities, such as Pinterest and Facebook.

- Order Management. Deliver the “buy anywhere, service anywhere, fulfill anywhere” experience with distributed order management and unified customer service.

- Store Fulfillment: Deliver flexible purchase options across channels, such as offering in-store pickup or store shipment of online purchases.

- Real-Time Visibility: Create a single view of critical data—orders, customers, inventory, pricing, promos—across all channels.

- Orders and Returns: Capture orders on any mobile device, in the store, or with a customer service associate. Returns are just as flexible—customers can return to any store or fulfillment center.

- Powerful Fulfillment Engine: Streamline order fulfillment with a powerful allocation engine, designed to optimize and simplify back-end order orchestration.

Core B2B Commerce Capabilities:

- Price books per account. Restricted item availability, login access, and permission controls

- Advanced checkout options. Large order sizes and batch uploads
Ability for sales representatives to take orders on behalf of a business client

- Deliver engaging B2B shopping experiences with a rich set of advanced capabilities:

- Create an intuitive ordering process that follows the business-to-consumer model

- Share site functionality between business-to-consumer and business-to-business sites

- Override functionality to differentiate the experience for specific accounts

- Share data across sites and customer types

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