Adidas body scanner lets you try clothes on virtually

adidas body scanner
Adidas have trialled a technology which is used by a store assistant to scan a customer's shape and size and then enable the store assistant to demonstrate how a range of products will look on the customer. ”BodyKinectizer“ is a body scanner based on Microsoft Kinect which enables customers to determine the right size of a product and allows them to dress their virtual body – whether you in a shop or at home. In addition to the in store version, Adidas have also built a version for use within the customer's home. In addition Adidas have also trialled ”CyberFIT“ which is an interactive fitting room which provides product details as well as product recommendations. A 3D environment automatically puts the customer into a virtual world directly linked to the product the customer brought into the fitting room. A spokesperson from Adidas said, "Both concepts offer support and advice during the decision and buying process. By concentrating on various consumer groups and their individual needs, the overall concept 'Next Generation Fashion Store' is trend-setting for future store concepts and sales strategies in the apparel industry. It especially focuses on the digital generation, with the objective to provide a completely new fun shopping experience in an environment which does justice to the adidas Group’s pioneering spirit."

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