5 In Store Retail Technology Predictions for 2015

5 In Store Retail Technology Predictions for 2015

First payment by smart watch will happen

We will see the mobile wallet move itself from the handbag or pocket on to the wrist and establish itself as a credible payment instrument which is always on you.

First Google Glass in-store retail applications will emerge

Google Glass applications are starting to emerge in industries like medical and hospitality. Retail will soon follow suit with applications like pick, pack & despatch and personalised concierge service in luxury retailers.

Personalised targeting via beacon technology will start to appear

Beacon technology will start to become more prevalent with retailers starting to engage customers with location based personalised targeted promotions when in store.

Pay and go using your mobile will start to trial

Customers will be able to scan items as they shop and pay on their mobile before exiting the store. This concept will start to be trialled in some stores

Payment on shop floor will move from trial to full scale rollout

Retailers will overcome the hurdles of taking payment on portable devices like iPad as hardware and solution providers start to harden their mobile payment solutions and turn those proof-of-concept ideas into fully fledged rollouts.