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IBM® WebSphere® Commerce Enterprise is an omni-channel eCommerce platform that enables business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) sales to customers across channels—web, mobile, social, call center or store. It supports seamless marketing, selling and fulfillment with precision marketing, merchandising tools, site search, customer experience management, catalog and content management, social commerce and advanced starter stores. It dynamically optimizes content for various device types and formats including web, mobile and tablet.
WebSphere Commerce Enterprise features include:

- Enhanced B2C and B2B business models that enable businesses to operate numerous websites and sales models on a single platform.

- Support for multiple selling channels—web, mobile, social, store, call center—to provide consistent pricing, promotions and brand experiences across channels of customer engagement.

- Marketing and merchandising tools to personalize promotions and content across channels.

- An IBM middleware backbone to underpin your online business with high site availability and performance during peak shopping periods.

- Integration with IBM selling solutions so it works seamlessly with IBM Commerce Insights and IBM Order Management providing online merchandisers with business and customer insight, enabling cross-channel order orchestration and providing flexibility in fulfillment.

- Provide a prebuilt, customizable starter store that supports both B2C and B2B business models to help reduce deployment time associated with new web and mobile storefronts.

- Enable numerous unique websites to be deployed and managed on one platform, offering unique customer buying experiences for different brands, segments and geographical marketplaces.

- Automate sales operations by using web stores to help reduce customer service costs, eliminate order errors and accelerate the quote-to-payment cycle.

- Manage B2B entitlements including contractual terms and business policies to provide customer-specific and partner-specific pricing.
Support for multiple selling channels.

- Enables selling across web, mobile, social, store and call center channels to allow customers to choose how and when they browse, shop and purchase.

- Offers support for smartphone and tablet optimized browsing with a responsive starter store. Create and manage a single store for web and mobile optimized experiences.

- Integrates social media channels such as Facebook and Pinterest with the shopping experience and enables marketers and merchandisers to target shoppers based on social activity.

- Includes customer service capabilities, which are built into WebSphere Commerce enabling CSR’s to provide a seamless experience through the call center.

- Automate one-to-one customer interactions, tailoring promotions based on past preferences, purchase history and online behavior across multiple channels.

- Trigger event-based communications based on customer actions such as cart abandonment, order placement, mobile device location, social media participation, search terms or referring URLs.

- Provide expansive catalog management tools —from generating stock-keeping units (SKUs) and uploading information to creating product categories and assortments.

- Enable targeted cross-selling and up-selling to help increase average order size and enhance the customer experience.

- Create and maintain store pages and marketing activities without IT using intuitive marketing and merchandising tools.

- An IBM middleware backbone enables peak availability with site administration, problem determination and performance monitoring tools.

- Supports high levels of site performance and reliability with simplified clustering for configuration and management of hardware and software.
Integration with IBM selling solutions.

- Works with IBM Commerce Insights enabling online merchandisers to make more informed decisions and take direct action with customer and business insight from powerful analytics.

- Integrates with IBM Order Management to give customers inventory visibility and flexibility and convenience during order orchestration and fulfillment.

- Offers a single view of supply and demand across channels to provide improved inventory utilization and more accurate promise dates.

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