Virtual reality headsets for viewing a roomset in stores

oculus rift VR headset
When buying home furniture, it is a common need to want to visualise what the furniture might look like in your room and how other items might complement that product before making a buying decision. Online tools like myDeco go a step towards helping the customer design a room in 3d before making a buying decision. What if we could make that experience come to life by using digital. Imagine being able to walk around your room by using a virtual reality headset? These types of headset were popular in the early 90s but never really took off because the experiences were too basic and the headsets too cost prohibitive. The technology appears to be making a comeback; initially to support the big buck business of video gaming. It seems like it might be a good idea to innovate within the retail store and allow the customer to explore their room with a VR headset.