Topshop display user generated content on outdoor screens

topshop twitter trends digital signage outdoor
During London Fashion Week, Topshop have displayed on 6 outdoor screens, the styles and trends which are being talked about on twitter with the equivalent Topshop product shown alongside. Each screen, located in pedestrian areas, were within a 10 minute walk to a Topshop store. Time of day, location of the screen and the weather all impact the content displayed, increasing relevancy to the viewer. Sheena Sauvaire, global marketing and communications director Topshop said, “Topshop is proud of the award-winning, innovative partnerships that have driven the democratisation of London Fashion Week over the last three years and this season is no different. Through Twitter’s listening power, we can allow our global consumer to shop the trends as and when they happen, and give them insight and access into runway shows. The idea of live advertising is just beginning, and thanks to the Ocean sites, this will be a first example of real-time shop-able billboards.”

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