Timberland make store NFC enabled

timberland nfc tablet
A Timberland store in New York has introduced tablets to help customers learn more about its products. Customers borrow NFC enabled tablets to digitally and socially engage with the products in store. All products in the store have a tag that can be tapped by the tablets to view product information and recommendations. Customers are also able to tap photos of products on walls in the store to add to view more information At the end of the journey the customer can send a wish-list of items they liked and send it to themself by e-mail. Kate Kibler, Vice President of Direct to Consumer at Timberland, said, “Consumers use technology to shop where and when they want, and we can help them discover, shop and socialise, while getting immersed in the Timberland brand. We can better understand our customers’ preferences in-store, online and post-visit. These invaluable insights can enrich the shopping experience by allowing customers to interact with our products in exciting, innovative ways.” “You don’t have to download an app or give us your email to use it — only if you want to save your items,” said Kate, “This is perfect for people who may not want to talk to a sales associate or don’t want to commit to an app.”

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