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Tealium iQ enables organizations to control and manage their customer data and MarTech vendors across web, mobile, IoT and connected devices. Equipped with an ecosystem of over 1,000 turnkey vendor integrations offered via tags and APIs, you can easily deploy and manage vendor tags, test new technologies, and finally take control of your marketing technology stack.

The Tealium iQ tag management system puts you in control of your marketing technology implementations making it easy to deploy new vendor tags and make edits to existing ones in our user friendly console.


- Increased marketing agility

- Faster time-to-launch campaigns

- Improved site performance and conversions

- Simplified tag management with 950+ turnkey integrations

- Unification of your data and applications

- Control over the data you manage and govern

JavaScript tags are the ubiquitous data collection mechanism for a clean, actionable source of digital data. Because of tagging’s technical complexity however, the process of deploying and managing vendor tags creates a headache for marketing and IT organizations. High costs and a heavy reliance on development resources have plagued businesses looking to quickly and effectively leverage critical marketing technologies. Delayed marketing initiatives mean delayed marketing results and missed revenue opportunities. The Tealium iQ™ tag management system in turn, enables enterprises to improve marketing and development agility, get marketing programs to market faster, and accelerate web site performance with point-and-click simplicity.

Gaining control over your tag deployments is important, but Tealium iQ goes above and beyond simply managing code snippets. Through the powerful Tealium iQ data layer all your digital data is transformed to a consistent and accurate source of event and transaction information that can be shared with your marketing applications.

Whether you manage one site or hundreds, Tealium iQ gives you the tools which ensure productivity, security, and quality of your deployments. The ability to inherit properties across site profiles, assign user level permissions to key functions, or setup multiple deployment environments for testing are a few of the ways Tealium iQ puts you in control of your digital marketing world.

To ensure massive scale and performance, Tealium iQ eliminates round-trip calls to an application server for instructions on how tags should load. Hence, a potential point of failure and an unnecessary step in the tag management process was removed. Tealium iQ’s best-in-class multi-CDN tag delivery network ensures that your vendor tags are delivered to your visitors at blinding speed.

Built from the ground up for business users, Tealium iQ offers turnkey integrations with 950+ marketing technologies, greatly simplifying the process for managing key technology solutions. To add a vendor tag, click on a vendor logo in the Tealium® tag marketplace, add your account details, and select publish. The tag is deployed instantly without changes to content on your web site or mobile application.

Tealium iQ includes a library of prebuilt modules that help you build upon its core functionality without the need for custom programming. These extensions allow you to modify content, transform data, test vendors, and collect custom data without the modifying the page source code.

Tealium iQ enables you to manage tags across all digital touch points, including web sites, mobile apps and online videos all from the same intuitive user interface. Once Tealium is deployed within your mobile app, you can easily make changes to your mobile analytics or add new mobile marketing solutions without having to re-certify the app through the app market (e.g., Apple App Store, Google Play).

Data leakage is a big concern for any organization and unmanaged tags are often the prime culprits, transmitting transactional information and other data to third parties without your knowledge or control. Tealium allows you to audit the data collection practices of each vendor, while also providing standardized data definitions across all solutions. Tealium iQ enables organizations to become instantly e-privacy compliant via robust privacy capabilities, including a privacy widget that provides site visitors with convenient opt-out choices.

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