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Product recommendations featured onsite and across all channels are one of the most effective ways to increase sales.
SMART-recs is the most advanced personalisation tool on the market. At its heart is the T2 platform, a third generation, proven technology that delivers consistently outstanding results.

T2 focuses on contextual delivery strategies that analyse navigation pathways and trends within individual customer journeys including keyword search, historical cross-brand purchase and viewed items, abandoned items, new arrivals, colour matching, brand complimenting, previous style and choice preferences.

These combine to make visitors and customers feel like they have a digital shopping assistant who intuitively knows what they are looking for.

T2 constantly learns what products to recommend through the interaction and non-interaction of products as they are recommended to customers. Products are recommended according to a unique scoring model which assigns a score to each product based on the propensity for purchase by that individual. Products with the highest score for an individual customer are presented first. If the customer does not click on what is presented, the product score will start to degrade as being something that is of lessening relevance to that customer and is replaced by a product with a higher propensity score.

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