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Everything Marketers Need to Optimize Web, Mobile, and Apps. With Oracle Maxymiser, website optimization is as easy as a single line of code. Bring all your customer data into focus. Run simple A/B testing and super-complex multivariate testing. Track and analyze customer behavior across all channels. Sharpen your personalization sweet spot. Gain customer insights like never before.

Discover results no one else can give you: With the industry-leading testing and optimization solution, you can quantify and optimize your online marketing spend. Oracle Maxymiser is the most sophisticated platform available for multipage, multistage, secure, and dynamic optimization. You now have the power to create tailored, engaging, and seamless experiences to help achieve business goals.

Connect with all your marketing data: Seamless integrations with your data management platform, CRM, or web analytics will import all 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data you’ve already gathered. With our real-time session data and proven algorithms, you will now have the power to drive actionable customer profiles and accurate personalization. It doesn’t matter where the data comes from—our platform will process it all.

Scale your optimization efforts: Whatever the volume, pace, and complexity of your tests, our enterprise platform is up to the job. We serve 20 billion unique experiences every month, each in just milliseconds. Test what you want, as often as you want.

Implement optimization with ease: Ease of use is the core of our platform, but you’re not limited to small or simple ideas. Our clients think big because more optimization programs can mean better, faster results. And our “one line of code, forever” deployment means you don’t have to wait for IT development cycles to get to the heart of your business.

Drive Strategic, Continuous Testing Across Your Site
Our solution is the most comprehensive in the industry: launch A/B and multivariate testing and segment traffic so each user can experience any number of variants throughout the sales funnel. You’ll improve the customer journey every step of the way, and you’ll ultimately discover key trigger points that drive transactions and revenue.

Testing and Targeting At Your Fingertips. Oracle Maxymiser offers an intuitive interface designed to work on top of modern website designs such as AJAX, Responsive Design, or Single-Page Applications. You’ll be able to design, tweak, QA, and launch your tests as often as you’d like, and without compromising on functionality. React and respond to emerging data and trends. Adapt to seasonality. Adjust pricing as inventory demands. You name it. Our solution will flex to fit your needs.

Ingest All Your Data and Test the Entire Customer Experience. Pull in customer data from any of your marketing platforms and third-party business sources and then combine it with Oracle Maxymiser’s rich session data to build a complete picture of your customer base, from the moment they hit your home page to when they complete a transaction. The data carries across their entire experience, so you’ll be armed with the right business intelligence to accurately segment and target your audiences and focus on the most profitable opportunities.

Take Your First Steps Towards Personalization. Our testing solution lets you target the high-value visitors with relevant messages and content, while keeping an eye on how to convert the rest of your audience. Oracle Maxymiser provides what you need to go beyond simple A/B and multivariate testing and tailor specific, personalized customer experiences on the fly. You’ll truly engage visitors and transform them into lifetime customers by creating rules that present visitors with the most appropriate offer or other relevant content in a matter of moments.

The Next Level of Customer Experience Optimization (CXO). What if your data could tell you where you need to focus on your site and who you should be targeting to tap into all the incremental revenue you might be leaving on the table? Our predictive insights solution provides the answers to get to personalization that opens up the profitable opportunities you’re missing campaign after campaign. It’s continuous learning at its best.

Increase ROI by Enhancing Your Personalization Campaigns. Automated analysis of all your customer data provides granular insights on which visitors aren’t converting as well as they could. Where are they dropping out of the funnel? And why are their conversions so low? Our insights will answer these questions and guide you along your personalization strategy so you don’t waste a dime on the wrong prospects.

Engineered Statisticians. Our expertise is based on years of enterprise experience. We care about actionable insights backed by data. Our engineers built a platform to leverage your data set and give you rational insights that can be transformed into tactical decisions to accelerate your business. It’s all about the end game of insights, profits, and happy customers.

Personalization Initiatives Driven by Data. Customer data is what drives your marketing initiatives. But it may be living in more than one place. That’s why Oracle Maxymiser can easily ingest any type of data from your CRM, data management platform, web analytics, or any other third-party feed you might be using. That goes for data points or entire profiles that you’ve already built. You’ll be able to easily import data into our platform and start using it for your testing and personalization campaigns.

Built for the Modern Marketer. Our solutions are designed for marketers to take on personalization without the costs of technical resources. Our hands-on control to build creative content will trigger engagement throughout your funnel. Stand out from competition by displaying a message to net new visitors about why your brand is unique. Reduce cart abandonment by triggering pop-ups to visitors who don’t finalize their purchase. Strengthen your business by providing personalized offers to customers who return to your site.

Leave Your Code Alone. No need to stress your IT team. It takes just a single line of code on your site—a one-time deployment which never needs to be touched again—to get you up and running with robust testing, targeting, and personalization algorithms. All this on top of the industry-leading optimization platform.

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