Mothercare use clever tech to re-direct receipts to e-mail

mothercare yreceipts digital receipts email
UK based retailer, Mothercare have employed a technology which doesn't require new hardware or integration with the existing POS system to enable Mothercare to issue digital receipts in their retail stores. The system from UK based tech company yReceipts, includes the SKU-level data from the receipt and links the customer to the basket. Finally, retailers using this technology are able to pair online and offline behaviour without needing to rely on customers holding a loyalty card or employing the slightly hit and miss technique of matching the credit card. The benefit for the customer is that they are able to receive their receipts digitally and avoid the need to carry and potentially lose paper receipts. Secondly customers who opt in at the POS to receive additional marketing content, can be targeted more accurately as retailers are able to match purchase behaviour in store and online for that 360 degree view. Ryan Davies, Head of CRM, Loyalty and Insight at Mothercare said “yReceipts delivers customer visibility and data capture capabilities that replace traditional swipe card-based loyalty schemes and helped us increasing in-store customer data capture 18-fold.”

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