launch a new NFC enabled London showroom launch a new NFC enabled London showroom has opened a new London store concept on Charring Cross Road which gives customers access to a range of interactive features, including multiple iMac stations to place orders and handheld NFC enabled tablets used to access all product information whilst browsing. Images of products projected on the walls. Ning Li, co-founder and CEO of, said: "Everyone is trying to find a way to link both online and physical worlds. "Online, there are no square footage constraints – space is endless – so coming up with ways to showcase our full catalogue here was a challenge. We've achieved this by incorporating digital elements but only in ways we feel add value and are not in any way gimmicky. "Our showrooms continue to be a testing ground for new products; we use the space as an engagement tool with customers. It's not about the hard-sell." Related launch showroom with tagged products Harvey Nichols customers use iPads to unlock product content in store Nine West’s social media wall and nfc tagged products References Essential Retail - opens interactive showroom in London's Soho The Drum - attempts to ‘connect offline and online’ with in-store product scanning Internet Retailing - brings digital product information into the store

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