LiveChat is a premium customer service software used by businesses to communicate with customers browsing their website. They see the product as a simple chat window placed on the website. The business owner and his agents, on the other hand, have access to the sophisticated application designed for communication and quick customers service. LiveChat product can be accessed directly from the browser or using the dedicated application designed both for desktop (Windows, Mac OS X) and mobile platforms (iOS, Android).
The purpose of the product is to support or replace traditional sales methods within the company. LiveChat helps to quickly and intuitively get in touch with customers visiting the website of the company or the online store. Moreover, the app obtains information about customers’ behaviour on the website, what becomes a source of knowledge in the process of sales, customer service and support.

Our product is designed for all companies that want to communicate with their customers online.

The company focuses on improving LiveChat with a team of its developers, on offering the highest level of customer service and on creating new channels in order to gain clients.

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