A new wrist wallet
Pick up three phones and screen shows side by side comparison
Waitrose and Tesco trial iBeacon
Uber's delivery service - UberRush
Crowdsourced delivery from DHL
Tap and pay at table
Augmented reality shelves make stores look more attractive
NCR's new high speed checkout
LED carpets to guide you around store
Pay by palm of your hand
Amazon lockers popping up everywhere
Vending machine gives you free ice cream if you smile
One touch purchase for everything you see
Waitrose mobile in store shopping
New tablet Chip & PIN solution launches
Google tell you when you go near a product you like
Amazon barcode scanner and audio recorder for shopping
Bluetooth enabled mannequins
Virtual shopping of a physical store
Kate Spade's interactive display tables
iBeacon trial at Macys
Order and pay at your table with PayPal
Augmented reality clothing and catwalk shows
Pepsi use augmented reality to shock the public at bus stop
Shop window hologram
UK shopping centre introduces beacons
4D visualisation of your home improvement design
Topshop live interactive catwalk show
Design your pizza using digital table
Emotion tracking in store