In store contextually aware information and offers

In store contextually aware information and offers and NCR are set to deploy their Personalized Proximity Platform. The contextually aware information and offers are automatically delivered to the customer's smartphone based on proximity and time using a proprietary dashboard that connects to Low Energy Bluetooth Beacon Sensors (BLE) which can be found on modern smartphones. The platform enriches the mobile experience by delivering the right message, at the right time, in the right place. Brian Shuster, Founder and CEO of, a technology and media company, said, “We are so excited to be taking this to market with NCR. Their global reach and expertise across multiple industries makes them an ideal partner.”’s platform includes a Digital Wallet that enables consumers to transfer contextually relevant information, product offers and digital currency directly to their mobile devices. Shuster adds, “We built apps that synchronised with some of the largest primetime TV shows in the United States. Those apps synchronised the TV experience with the mobile experience and the adoption solidified the premise that audiences and consumers are moving into a contextually relevant world.” believes the same will hold true for shoppers, “People are living their lives in the digital world and in the real world in tandem. This platform marries those two worlds harmoniously to create a new, relevant consumer experience. Imagine shopping at your favourite store while the device in your hand automatically synchronises the experience and delivers you hyper-relevant and targeted information that correlates contextually to enhance your in-store experience.”