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Marketers and merchandisers have for too long been failed by rules-based personalization, as it is ultimately unmanageable and unmaintainable. With Episerver’s intelligent personalization, the platform uses visitor behavior to autonomously create and optimize individual content and product views, for every visitor.

- Content and product personalization. Episerver automatically recommends product and content items based on a visitor’s past behavior, and the behavior of visitors similar to them.

- Machine learning. Thanks to advanced machine learning, Episerver’s intelligent personalization improves over time and adapts to changing visitor patterns and campaigns.

- Behavioral data store. Episerver keeps track of every visitor and tracks their actions at every point of their digital journey. See the complete profile for any visitor, and quickly drill down into your audiences.

Everyone is engaging with their customers today in multiple channels, and customers have high expectations. They expect to see content and products that are interesting and relevant to them, and they expect a friction-free experience.

While rules-based personalization has fallen short due to its often complex and labor-intensive nature, Episerver’s intelligent personalization platform takes an entirely different approach. By applying machine learning and statistical analysis to visitor behavioral data, Episerver can present individualized content and product selections in multiple channels, without complicated configuration.

- Episerver Advance. Smart content personalization: Automatically individualized landing pages, content listings and home pages that increase engagement.

- Episerver Perform. Omnichannel commerce personalization: Optimized category listings, emails and recommendations that drive added revenue.

- Episerver Insight. Persistent visitor intelligence: Powerful behavioral intelligence and clickstream tracking that gives marketers and merchandizers valuable audience insights.

Episerver’s intelligent personalization platform includes a full suite of digital commerce personalization tools, from behavioral ranking, product recommendations for web and email, and automatic behavioral alerts and actions that quickly increase conversions and average order value.

Beyond commerce, Episerver uniquely tailors the content experience, too – giving each visitor a highly relevant and engaging experience on any website or mobile site. Episerver automatically shows and recommends the content that is most likely to be of interest at the next step of the visitor’s journey. Thanks to Episerver’s behavioral data store, different content is presented at different points in the journey, providing a relevant experience both for first-time visitors and repeat customers. This means lower bounce rates, more conversions, and happier customers.

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