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Orchestrate Data and Technology to Deliver Better Experiences. Deploy, validate and update disparate marketing technologies while unifying customer data across brands, domains, mobile apps and display advertising  — all within a critical layer of security that ensures governance and data privacy.

Today’s marketers know the importance of driving cohesive, “in-the-moment” customer experiences, yet are challenged by siloed technologies and fragmented data sources.

The world’s biggest brands rely on Ensighten Manage, the anchor of our leading customer data platform (CDP), to create the foundation for orchestrating better omni-channel experiences.

Manage all your vendor tags and data through one intuitive interface, featuring more than 1,100 turnkey vendor integrations. Unify and standardize fragmented data sources across technologies and devices to drive greater ROI from your evolving technology stack.

Understand how users are engaging with your native mobile apps and unify web and app data into a single view. Ensighten Mobile lets marketers easily tag apps with third-party analytics for key insights in real time, without the typical heavy impact on app development resources.

Keep customer and sensitive marketing data out of the browser through Ensighten’s hybrid-tagging architecture, while enforcing strict governance for any tagging workflow across distributed teams and agencies. Prevent data leakage by proactively identifying and correcting unauthorized tags while monitoring for potential privacy and security issues.

Visually identify tags that are out of compliance with your privacy policy and industry regulation using Ensighten’s privacy dashboard and audits. Pinpoint unauthorized third- and fourth-party tags, and prevent data from leaking to unwanted entities. Provide consumers with flexible opt-in, opt-out choices.

Collect first-party data about customers from both onsite and offsite channels, including display advertising, videos, email and Internet of Things (IoT) devices through Ensighten Pulse. Leverage this data to improve first-visit and real-time personalization, increase customer insight, and build robust segments and profiles.

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