Design your pizza using digital table

Design your pizza using digital table pizza hut
Pizza Hut is piloting a new, interactive digital tabletop enabling customers to design their pizza on their table top, order and then play games while they wait. This is similar to a concept trialled by Inamo at their restaurant in London. The new technology allows customers to choose the size of their pizza, their crust, toppings, cheese amounts and more, all via their tabletop. The process includes step-by-step visuals to guide the selections. It also enables tableside payment and gaming apps to entertain guests while they wait for their order. The tabletop responds to customers' NFC smartphones allowing customers to also pay without leaving their seat. A company spokesperson said Pizza Hut anticipates "possibly featuring the table first in its new concept locations," along with the two locations already open in the US (Pawtucket and York). Pizza Hut have a total of around 4,000 restaurants in the US alone, "it is something that has been kind of behind the scenes for a while" and "as we continued to focus on digital in the last few months, is something we've looked at more and more and we were excited, so we decided to send out a video", "We're always trying to look out to make customer experience better when interacting with our brand, whether that's online with digital or mobile, but we also want to look at in-store," The interactive tables were developed by Pizza Hut's digital partner, Chaotic Moon. They were created to add a "fun element of collaboration for groups — everyone at the table can explore the menu and contribute to the order from wherever they're sitting."