Canadian Tire's digitally enabled store

canadian tire digital innovation
Canadian Tire, the Canadian retailer which sells a wide range of automotive, sports/leisure and home products have opened a 140,000-square-foot in Edmonton which includes more than 100 digital screens including many interactive ones. The automotive department includes a car simulator, allowing customers to have the opportunity to test drive tires in different weather conditions. The seasonal department, meanwhile, currently has a backyard and patio builder tool, where customers can use interactive screens to design their dream outdoor space. That tool was built internally at the retailer's digital lab in Winnipeg and uses virtual reality technology from Oculus. Allan MacDonald, Chief Operating Officer of Canadian Tire said, “The speed of change and innovation in our industry means that we need to be nimble and try new things. I am proud to say that our Showcase store is the best of the best in retail around the globe.”

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