Automated delivery of clothing to changing room at Macy's

hointer macys automatic changing room
Macy’s has revamped its changing rooms in the women’s swimsuit department at its Manhattan Beach store in California. Macy’s is using smartphones and tablets provided by the retailer to make it easy for customers to try on items without having to leave the changing room. Shoppers browse items displayed on mannequins in store and use a Macy’s app on their smartphones or the tablets to select the product and their size. The items are then automatically delivered to a fitting room through a chute. Once in the fitting room, customers can request more sizes and other items using the app. The result is that shoppers spend more time browsing and less time undressing and redressing and thus more likely to buy something. The technology is created by Hointer who trialled it in their stores before realising they could license the platform to other retailers.

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