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Powerful content authoring capabilities the allow creation of editorial content, shoppable media, and user generated content in order to engage, inspire and convert shoppers.

Amplience Content Authoring facilitates the creation of key content types, while taking the critical step of separating content from presentation. The end result is wrapper-free, rich content that renders responsively and adaptively wherever and however it is needed, to deliver richly compelling omni-channel shopping experiences.

Key Features:

- Create blogs and articles, ‘shop-the-look’ features, look-books, carousels, content panels and grids
- Create content for every channel and render it appropriately for each responsive breakpoint
- Deliver content consistently to iOS, Android and Enterprise Applications
- Simple editing tools enable rapid creation of sophisticated content
- Seamless integration with data sources, such as live product data
- Support for Handlebars and other standard templating engines
- Support for Javascript frameworks like Angular, and Isomorphic frameworks like React
- Support for Open Standards such as JSON Schema and JSON Linked Data (JSON-LD)

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