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Transform and deliver the right online image to the right user

As the demand for rich, image heavy web experiences continues to increase, content owners have risen to meet the challenge. Today, there are an average of 60 images per page, and website images account for 63% of page weight. While great for users, the increase of online images presents tremendous challenges for businesses and content owners around image quality, storage costs, and time-to-market delays. Akamai provides an easy and cost-effective solution to optimize and deliver your website images for maximum performance and visual quality.

Akamai Image Manager allows you to engage online audiences with attractive images that are automatically optimized for both maximum visual quality and performance while reducing the cost and effort to transform and deliver web-ready images.


- Faster time to market
- Reduced storage cost
- Lighter and faster pages
- Quality without compromise

Image Manager automatically transform and optimize web images to deliver the highest visual quality, tailored for every end user and device, with less effort. Improve audience engagement with beautiful website images that are also fast. Reduce development time with flexible workflows for faster time to market. Reduce infrastructure costs by offloading image creation, storage, and delivery

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