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Adobe now offers dynamic tag management — the market-leading solution that reduces the need for IT resources and allows you to quickly manage tags and distribute data. It’s part of Adobe Marketing Cloud, and available to customers at no additional cost.

New dynamic tag management decreases the amount of time it takes to configure sites, reduces the need for IT resources, provides better data delivery, and collects the right data from across all your digital marketing systems.

Dynamic tag management gives marketers intuitive tools to quickly and easily manage an unlimited number of Adobe and third-party tags. You'll have more control and flexibility to optimize virtually anything online, all while reducing the dependence on IT resources.

Thanks to a more intuitive interface, marketers can quickly deploy any tag and reduce their dependency on IT.

Instead of focusing on pages and tags, spend your time on user interactions that you want to manage and the data you want to collect.

Create more precise customer experiences using powerful, intelligent rules.

Take control of the data collecting from your pages and make it available to any of your digital marketing services.

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