Shop window advises you on your outfit
Pre-pay for your fast food at EAT
Pay by bracelet with Barclaycard
Wearable wallets - paying in store with Apple's Watch
5 In Store Retail Technology Predictions for 2015
Pro Direct create a digital store in London
Virtual reality store planning
Google track your movements and target you
Virgin Atlantic trial Google Glass
Amazon introduce mobile Point of Sale
Apple to launch mobile wallet and Google stick with Google Wallet
PayPal mobile payment trial continues in Richmond, London
PayPal accepted as a payment method at Westfield launch showroom with tagged products
Carrefour in store navigation with beacons
Carrefour track customer journey around store using BLE
See what furtniture looks like in your home using iPad
Largest tablet rollout happens at Chillis restaurants
A new wrist wallet
Pick up three phones and screen shows side by side comparison
Waitrose and Tesco trial iBeacon
Uber's delivery service - UberRush
Crowdsourced delivery from DHL
Mobile loyalty cards using iBeacon
Tap and pay at table
Augmented reality shelves make stores look more attractive
NCR's new high speed checkout
LED carpets to guide you around store
Pay by palm of your hand
Amazon lockers popping up everywhere
Vending machine gives you free ice cream if you smile
A totally digital vending machine
One touch purchase for everything you see
Waitrose mobile in store shopping
New tablet Chip & PIN solution launches