Innovation Article

A new wrist wallet
A totally digital vending machine
Accenture's RFID connected fitting room concept
Amazon crowdsourced delivery
Amazon Drones - the future of delivery
Amazon introduce mobile Point of Sale
An app that allows you to snap a photo and then finds you the closest match on the web
Bing maps inside the shopping mall
Demandware, the e-commerce vendor launch a digital in store experience
Digital watermarks would make scanning at POS faster
Facial recognition identifies VIPs as they enter store
Fitnect virtual fitting room
Google 3D phones will be used to navigate stores in real space
Google Streetview continues to map UK retail stores
Google track your movements and target you
IBM sensors detect what you are doing in store
Image recognition self-checkouts
Low power bluetooth beacons and hands free payment and promotion with PayPal and Apple
New tablet Chip & PIN solution launches
New technology allow scanning of paper coupons from mobiles
Order and pay at your table with PayPal
Pay at table with Apple Pay
Pay by fingerprint
Pay by fingerprint with a Samsung phone and PayPal
Pay by glove with barclaycard
Pay by selfie trials at college
Pay by watch with a Samsung and PayPal
Paypal and the future of shopping
Philips introduce in store navigation system using lighting
Photo item and find similar with brain mimicking
Retail touch-screen displays made out of air
Retailers are now accepting the new internet currency - bitcoins
Retailers to project life-like fabrics onto furniture
Self scanning using mobiles now hits UAE
Shopping with Google glasses
Shoprite show barcode scanning using phones now a lot faster
Square to launch a Chip and PIN reader
The digital personalised storefront
Wayfinding your way around stores in 3D
Wearable wallets - paying in store with Apple's Watch
What could Windows hologram mean for retail?
Whole Foods' store of the future
Wincor launch mobile point-of-sale