Pay by fingerprint with a Samsung phone and PayPal
New technology allow scanning of paper coupons from mobiles
Philips introduce in store navigation system using lighting
Ebay's virtual dressing room
Google 3D phones will be used to navigate stores in real space
H&M using huge LED screens in shop windows
New Argos digital concept stores
Argos pilots NFC marketing in stores
Audi City digital experience opens in Berlin
Richtree Market's restaurant of the future
Dubai to trial delivery drones
Accenture's RFID connected fitting room concept
In store contextually aware information and offers
IBM sensors detect what you are doing in store
Retail touch-screen displays made out of air
Wincor launch mobile point-of-sale
Image recognition self-checkouts
Intel's emotion sensing cameras
Selfridges pop-up shop of the future
Bing maps inside the shopping mall
Digital watermarks would make scanning at POS faster
First big shopping app for a games console
Nine West's social media wall and nfc tagged products
Photo item and find similar with brain mimicking
Tesco's screens know where people go and what to display
eBay launch digital store-front at Westfield
Google Streetview continues to map UK retail stores
John Lewis in store tablet trial
Macy's use Kinect in shop window
Tesco new app for store colleagues