Argos play interactive game on huge digital sign
Garden centre with automated Drive In
Apple Pay now accepted by Whole Foods, Disney Store and Walgreens
Square to launch a Chip and PIN reader
Macy's launch image search app
Costa Coffee rollout most advance multi-sense vending machine
Co-Op's Scan and Go across 80 Swiss stores
Adidas interactive screens in Foot Locker stores
Tweet to buy with Burberry and Home Depot
Monsoon launch ipads which connect POS with web
Shop window advises you on your outfit
Pre-pay for your fast food at EAT
Amazon introduce mobile Point of Sale
Apple to launch mobile wallet and Google stick with Google Wallet
PayPal mobile payment trial continues in Richmond, London
PayPal accepted as a payment method at Westfield launch showroom with tagged products
Carrefour in store navigation with beacons
Carrefour track customer journey around store using BLE
Thomas Pink's digital table
See what furtniture looks like in your home using iPad
Largest tablet rollout happens at Chillis restaurants
A new wrist wallet